• Galwik Goldspinner

    Galwik Goldspinner

    Jovial and excitable dwarf merchant
  • Hellion


    Hellion was originally human, became a Shade, and eventually was cursed with Vamprism.
  • Hemlock


    Wilden Swarm Druid
  • Ilara


    Mysterious eladrin beauty, a Foundation Stone regular
  • Jarveth Darksmith

    Jarveth Darksmith

    Jarveth has turned away from the oppressive (in his opinion) rigidity of the mines and forges of which his father was the foreman.
  • Lyaevel


    Chosen Avenger of Bahamut
  • Ranklo Goldspinner

    Ranklo Goldspinner

    Manager of the Trade Bank of Hammerfast
  • Wemble Blackpike

    Wemble Blackpike

    Affable young priest of Moradin