Hammer Faster

Zombies and Fire and Puzzles

Undead? No Problem. Puzzles? Bigger Problem.

Lyaevel opens the combat against the gnoll zombies with a scathing blast of radiant energy as he channels Bahamut’s divine power into the closest foe. Hemlock continues the assault with a conjured torrent, blasting the already damaged zombie and hindering yet another. Damage done, Hemlock’s form burst into a mass of lizards and he teleported away from a nearby gnoll. Jarveth hits another gnoll solidly, but can’t manage to inflict much real damage to it and Graven misses in his own attack against the same enemy. Xune runs into the rune, spitting her curse at one of the zombies before unleashing an eldritch blast against the creature, ripping through necrotic flesh and bone.

The zombie counterattack saw several of Hemlock’s lizards grabbed by one of the zombies and several others crushed beneath a furry dead paw, but the situation was not as dire as it could have been. Going again on the offensive, Lyaevel dodges a clumsy attack and skirts the battlefield before slamming his blade into one of the gnolls attacking Hemlock. Hemlock blasts his tormentors, but is unable to wriggle free of the grab. Jarveth slams the nearest gnoll again and does some more damage even as Graven calls forth flame from the ground and sends a different foe crashing to the ground in ruins. Xune sends another blast against the zombie gnoll targeted by Jarveth, sending it stumbling backwards and making its own attack miss. The gnoll grabbing Hemlock tried to cram some of the lizards into it’s mouth, but a sudden wind conjured by the Wilden blew the zombie backwards and forced him to drop the druid swarm.

Lyaevel gouges a chunk out of the windswept zombie and Hemlock continued assault, but still the creature remained standing. On the other side of the room, Jarveth smashed his foe to the ground with a powerful swing of his hammer and returned it to unmoving death. Graven runs over and destroys the last zombie, ending the threat for the time being.

Battle over, Lyaevel steps to each zombie and says a prayer to Bahamut to keep evil spirits from again reanimating the bodies. Hemlock searches through the bodies and finds some small trinkets worth some money. The party finds that the exit to the north is blocked by a collapsed room or passage beyond, so they returned to the south and found another corridor. Exploring further, they found a large room with a very large stone pedastal with carvings of flames and words in Deep Speech. Xune began to translate the text into come.

ENVY is the sin of SHADOW for it hides the PRAISE that LIGHT sheds upon us.
FEAR is the POWER of SHADOW for its DARKNESS cloaks THE true path
DEATH is the DESTINY of SHADOW for the FLAME will always BURN bright.”

Hemlock and Lyaevel notice pedestal seems to be made of interlocking rings and each ring could probably could probably be moved. Lyaevel announces that he’s going to align the words LIGHT, THE, and FLAME. This proves to be a mistake as the flame carvings shoot out real flame and torch everybody but Lyaevel. After rethinking it (and apologizing), Lyaevel tries again and lines up PRAISE, THE, and FLAME. The pedestal settles a few inches, a dull thunk is heard, and the large set of doors to the south open up.

The corridor was, somewhat strangely, lit by several torches along the walls. The group skirted some suspicious looking old bloodstains on the floor and Graven picked the lock on one of the doors at the far end of the hall. The hall before bends and was also well lit, leading to another set of open doors and a room beyond.

The room beyond was filled with a horde of undead, a dozen zombies, two skeletons, and one more unidentifiable undead creature. Besides the undead legion, the room contained five red-glowing mystic symbols etched into the floor, a bubbling cauldron, and a large pile of skulls. The zombies fail to notice the party as they appear into the doorway, but the skeletons did and combat began.

Lyaevel steps into the doorway and once again utters a prayer to Bahamut to call forth holy flames to rain upon the undead abominations. The flames send 2 crashing to the floor in ruins and severely scorch others. The undead reacts and the wight blasts Lyaevel in return, immobilizing him with necrotic energy, but the holy flame claims another zombie victim regardless. The zombies attempt to swarm Jarveth, landing a serious blow, but another zombie crumples under the still raining holy flames. Jarveth counterattacks, smashing a singed zombie to the ground and crushing another one with the follow through from his swing. Hemlock sends a swarm of locusts buzzing out to obliterate yet another undead before teleporting and sending his scattered lizards to ravage another zombie and further damage the two skeletons.

One skeleton tries to smash Hemlock in retaliation, but is unable to hit the druid. However, the other is able to land a light blow. Graven moves up to support Jarveth and, with a blast of radiant energy, destroys three of the last four zombies. Tracing a Rune in the air, Graven mends Lyaevel’s wounds before marching through the holy fire towards the wight near the cauldron. Xune curses the last zombie and hits it with an eldritch blast, melting it into a bubbling and smoking heap of dead flesh.

Lyaevel shatters one of the remaining skeletons as his shouted abjuration in the name of Bahamut summons a radiant cascade upon it. Graven is forced back as the wight slashes with its necrotic claw. Jarveth crushes the last skeleton with a mighty blow of his hammer that left little more than dust. Hemlock charged the fleeing wight and slowed its retreat long enough for Graven to catch up with it, and burning with radiant flame, seriously injure the undead. Xune’s attack against the wight, however, is dodged. Lyaevel, trying to keep the creature from escaping, charges across the room and hacks it down with two well placed blows of his blade, ending the battle.



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