Hammer Faster

Corporeal Undead Busters

Cleaning temples, one re-dead undead at a time

The party spent a few moments searching the room after having destroyed the legion of undead being raised by the wight. On the wight’s body was found a scroll case, which contained an astounding 18 copies of the animate undead ritual, as identified by Graven. Lyaevel recommended holding on to them so they could be given to the priests of Moradin back in Hammerfast. Moving south out of the room, the party ran into a series of doors. The first was locked, but the second was not and the party followed the hallway downward.

Opening the closed doors at the end of that hallway, the party came across another group of undead, but of more interest was a seemingly alive person on a skull of thrones. The room was large and well lit, with two fireplaces to each side of the room and two more braziers to either side of the throne.

The living man demanded to know what the party was doing there and upon receiving an flippant answer from Hemlock, ordered the undead horde to destroy the adventurers. The skeletons moved to defensive positions as Lyaevel called again the power of Bahamut to rain fire on the necromancer and zombies guarding him. The necromancer retaliated as Graven charged into the room and blasted Lyaevel and Jarveth with dark energies. Jarveth ran into the room and smashed one zombie and damaged another, but neither fell. Hemlock returned fire at the necromancer with a spell of his own, calling forth primal energies to damage them all. Xune blasts one zombie into a spray of decaying parts and vile fluids. The zombies attempt to counterattack, but the lingering primal energies from Hemlock’s attack knocks one to the ground as the another breaks its teeth on Jarveth’s armor. But the final zombie slams Jarveth with a rotting fist while the dwarf was distracted.

The skeletons advanced on the party, three swinging at Graven and two connecting solidly with their rusty longswords. Jarveth’s armor proved sufficient versus one skeletal attacker, but the other found the gaps in it. Lyaevel dodged one attack from a skeleton and his counterattack utterly devastated one, shattering it into a dozen pieces with his fullblade. Graven, surrounded by several skeletons, moved, before calling forth arcane energies to heal Lyaevel and Jarveth. Satisfied that his allies are better, he sent a blast of power forth with a mighty swing of his hammer, shaking two of the remaining skeletons, but not destroying them. Fearing the power of the Elven Avenger, the necromancer blasts him with a ray of enfeeblement and suddenly the fullblade was almost too much weight to hold.

Jarveth swings his hammer and further damages the zombies, but they still refused to fall. Hemlock, again in his lizard swarm form, unleashed a swarm of locusts at the skeletons, further eroding their decayed bones. Xune’s eldritch blast rocks one skeleton, but despite the damage, it somehow remained animated and dangerous. The skeletons pushed forward, slashing Graven again. Graven further damages one with his hammer, but Lyaevel’s radiant blast went awry. Jarveth then felt the sting of the ray of enfeeblement from the necromancer, but manages to inflict some damage on the zombies anyway.

Another plague of locusts erupts from Hemlock, battering the increasingly ragged skeletons and finally shaking one apart into a pile of bones. Teleporting away from the entrance, Hemlock moves to find a better position for his next attack. Another is obliterated with arcane energy from Xune. The zombies continued their assault on Jarveth, but are unable to get past the dwarf’s defense, but two of the skeletons are much more skilled and slice deeply into Jarveth’s body. Lyaevel takes a grazing blow, but lunges across the room to destroy another skeleton, leaving only two of the original six remaining. Graven slams one of the remaining skeletons, unable to finish it off, but his runic energy heals some of the necrotic burns Lyaevel suffered earlier and bolstered the attacks of the rest of his nearby comrades.

The necromancer turned his attention to the suddenly close swarm of druidic lizards and unleashes his beam of dark energy on the swarm, scattering it and leaving it magically weakened. Jarveth’s swing goes wide and he pulls back as Hemlock moves up to again vomit forth magical locusts which burrow deeply into one of the remaining zombies, which is immediately drilled through with an eldritch bolt from Xune. Despite the catastrophic damage, the zombie remains upright and lurches after the swarm of lizards, but is unable to grab even one of the druidic creatures. The other zombie again smashes Jarveth and this time the dwarf goes down with a clatter, which evoked a cackle from the necromancer.

The skeletons continued their attack, but were unable to inflict much harm on either Graven or Hemlock. Lyaevel called out to Bahamut and abjured one of the remaining skeletons, burning it with holy light and compelling it to stagger over towards Lyaevel away from Hemlock and the fallen Jarveth. Graven spends a turn to gather his strength as well as send more runic healing into Jarveth, allowing him to get back into the fight.

But the necromancer again unleashes a necrotic explosion, hitting the whole party aside from Lyaevel and once again knocking Jarveth unconscious. The necromancer gloats that nobody can withstand the might of Jorran Deathkeeper. But Jarveth is not finished yet and manages to claw himself back awake somehow. Hemlock unleashes more primal fury, obliterating one zombie and dropping Jorran into a bloody heap on the floor. Xune blows a smoking hole in the armor of one of the remaining skeletons but against all odds, it stays up. The last zombie tries to enact vengeance on the druid for destroying its master, but does little damage. Lyaevel crushes one of the last skeletons with a powerful overhand sweep and moves towards one of the last foes.

Graven smashes the ground with his hammer, sending flames leaping up to dance along the remaining zombie. Hemlock tears into the last zombie and is unable to bring it down, but Xune’s fire chars the creature to the bone and it collapses in a smoking heap. The skeleton and Jarveth trade ineffectual blows as Lyaevel comes around behind and cleaves the undead creature in half, ending the battle.



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