Wish Lists

Keeping track of all the shiny, shiny goodness that players want to have to make their brutal mutilation of Jaron’s monsters, foes, and innocent civilians that much more efficient and bloody.

Weapon(s): Fullblade of Oaths Fulfilled, eventually a Holy Avenger.
Armor: Sylvan Armor
Neckpiece: Elven Cloak
Arms: Iron Armbands of Power or Flame Bracers
Feet: Surefoot Boots or Goblin Stompers
Hands: Breaching Gauntlets or Alchemical Atomizer
Head: Crown of Leaves
Misc stuff: Flask of the Dragon’s Breath, Bag of Holding

Armor: Hero’s Scale Armor
Weapon: Warsoul Craghammer (maybe have the new one modified)
Boon: Moradin’s Blessing of Iron
Hands: Giantkind Gloves
Arms: Razor Shield, Preservation Shield
Neck: Healer’s Brooch
Eventually: Rune of Stone Eternal, Rune of Fiery Might

Weapons(s): Iron Body Ki Focus
Armor: Imposter’s Armor, Loamweave Armor
Neck: Keicha’s Amulet
Other: Invisibility Potion(s), Acrobat Boots

Jarveth Darksmith

Wish Lists

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