Player Status

After each session, please come here and update the status of your characters. Current HP, current surges, which daily powers you’ve used, how many action points you have, and any other information about limited resources which are relevant to the game between sessions. This way when someone can’t make the game for a week, we know exactly what condition they’re in and what they have available.

Lyaevel (after 11-7-11 session, before leveling up to 3)
HP – 19/34
Surges – 7/9
Daily Powers Used – Aspect of Might
Action Points – 1
Other – n/a

Graven [updated: 8-15-2011]
HP – 29/33
Surges – 8/10
Daily Powers Used – none
Action Points – 1
Other – n/a

HP – 32/34
Surges – 2/3
Daily Powers Used – “Swarm of Shadows”
Action Points – Not a one!
Other – n/a

Jarveth Darksmith
HP 31
Surges 10
Daily Powers Used None
Action Points 1
Other –

Player Status

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