Hammer Faster

Into the Woods

Why Did It Have to Be Spiders?

The party decides to first go to the market to get a hammer that Graven had seen before seeing if they can get directions to the dungeon of the Fire Opal that they’d heard rumors about. They find a human merchant and with the aid of a couple of silvers, get some general directions and information about the dungeon. Graven remembers that the place used to be inhabited by a group of monks called the Order of the Enlightened Flame, but they were wiped out by gnolls about 50 years previous. They head to the Grand Library to search for more information and they found information about the gnoll attack. The gnolls were attacking searching for a fire opal rumored to hold the essence of an efriti lord. The group also learned that there were rumors of secret tunnels and passages below the monastery, possibly before the monks moved to the area.

Seeing no other reason to delay, the party heads off to see if they can find the dungeon. Lyaevel takes the lead, scouting stealthily along the trail leading to the monastery, wary of the possibility of gnolls or cultists ahead. Lyaevel sees a copse of trees that have some sort of unusual mist or smoke. After investigating further, it seems to be masses of spider webs. The party quickly passes through the area and continues onward, not in any hurry to tangle with the spiders.

Twenty or thirty minutes later they hear some chittering and then some voices in goblin, the party supposing that the goblins are swearing about their ambush being spoiled by the spiders. Goblins and spider-riding goblins pour out of the woods to attack the party.

The encounter goes poorly for the party at first, with goblin arrows and javelins finding their marks as well as the spiders poisonous fangs. But things don’t go all the goblins way as Lyaevel strikes down one goblin and Graven blasts others with his prayers to Moradin. Hellion calls upon the power of shadows and obliterates a goblin archer and sends a spider and its rider reeling. The tide of battle turns against the goblins and spiders as they fell, one by one, cut down by weapon, spell, and claw. One goblin archer fled and the party declined to pursue, not knowing what traps or ambushes the goblin might lead them into.



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