Hammer Faster

Bankers, Cultists, and Bar Flies

Questions and answers around Hammerfast

Galwick offers to put up the party for the night at a place called Rondall’s Inn. Galwick offers Rondall a few coins and the party then decides to go to the Trade Bank of Hammerfast to discuss the remains of their employees, zombified and attacking people on the roads. Rondall gives the party directions to go to the north to the trade ward and ask around from there.

The party finds the bank and talks to one of the managers, an older dwarf. The party explains that they came across the zombified remains of some of their employees. The dwarf explains that the employees were bringing back a loan repayment from the city of Fallcrest. The party discusses offering to investigate what happened to the shipment, with Lyaevel and Hellion more interested in the possible Orcus connection.

The dwarf manager, Ranklo, is the uncle of Galwick. Ranklo provides the manifest of their lost shipment to the party. The party decides to go to the temple of Moradin to ask if they’ve heard anything about cultists of Orcus in the nearby areas.

A young dwarf greets the party at the temple and listens to the party describe the fight along the road. The dwarf priest says that they’ve heard of similar things happening, cultists waylaying travelers on the roads, concentrating on the more affluent appearing caravans and travelers, but they don’t know where they might be operating out of, aside from the fact that they seem to be coming from the north. Lyaevel thanks the priest, as Graven and Jarveth stop to make a brief prayer and tithe to Moradin.

The party comes back to the inn, but hears shouting from the area before it comes in sight. It seems there’s a bar brawl as a couple of humans come tumbling out of a door. Graven approaches the loser of the fight and offers his assistance. The place is called the Foundation Stone and the fight’s loser brings the party in to show them around. The place looks like a big tavern, with people throwing daggers at target dummies and a pit for a game called Giant’s Feet.

On buying the human a drink, the party notices that the bar is a giant block of stone, covered in maps of all sorts. Lyaevel asks the human (named Buck) if he’s heard of any bandits on the roads or the like. The human suggests that the party talk to Ilara, an Eladrin throwing daggers nearby who has apparently run into the cultists of Orcus before.

Ilara says that she might have heard that they could have taken up residence in a keep called the dungeon of the Fire Opal. Ilara challenges the party to throw daggers. If the party wins, she’ll help the party learn more about the cultists. Hellion takes up Lyaevel’s dagger and they trade throws, ending up tied after five throws, but on the first sudden death throw Ilara wins out.

Jarveth plays a round of Giant’s Feet with Buck and wins handily before the party heads back to the inn to rest.



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